This month we had the very distinct pleasure of hosting the one and only Misael Aponte right here in our salon. This was a tremendous honor, since That Look was selected for this unique in salon opportunity!

Misael Aponte & Sue, That Look Salon Owner

We are always looking for ways to learn, improve our techniques and ultimately provide our clients with the latest and greatest in the art of color. Misael is a veteran in the industry and to say he is passionate about teaching stylists the science of color is quite the understatement. As a self proclaimed Nerd+Artist, Misael is the International Color Director for Oligo. In listening to him speak, it is very apparent that he not only strives to achieve the most beautiful results for his clients, but he finds a way to help other stylists do the same. Full of contagious energy and with a knack for explaining a very complicated process in an engaging and understandable way, Misael was an absolute treat to host.

Now you may be asking yourself, “The science of color, is it really that complicated?” YES it is! There are so many factors that dictate the final results of your color treatment. Depending on the color, texture & thickness of your strand there is a custom formula that needs to be developed to achieve your desired result. Do you have black hair but want golden hues that don’t turn orange? It may seem simple to you, but in reality creating the perfect mix of ash & blonde for your hair type makes a huge difference between loving and hating your color.

A very big thanks to Misael for his time and talents and we can’t wait to practice what we learned with all of you! Don’t wait, book your appointments now with one of our color experts and get summer ready now!

About Oligo
We’ve been using the Oligo Blacklight lighteners and their Funkhue primary pigments with great success. We are excited to have added Oligo Calura Permanent Shine Colour to our inventory. The Calura exothermic system has innovative patented technology that was designed to maximize dye penetration and minimize hair damage. The line is ammonia and PPD free and contains pure organic essences and keratin. Comfortable for the client with superior shiny results.