It may not feel like it just yet, but pedicure season has definitely arrived and we’re here for it! So dig out those sandals from the back of your closet and get those toes ready, it’s their time to shine!

The effects of a good pedicure and beautiful feet can not be underestimated. It’s a quick and easy way to make you feel good about slipping on those sandals and heading on your way. Think back to the times you’ve gotten a pedicure and tell me you don’t look down at those toes and feel minor euphoria, because dammit your feet look good!

Aside from the aesthetic look, pedicures can be good for you in other ways as well. Below, we’ve listed 4 other reasons pedicures can be good for your body and soul!

1. Exfoliates Feet
The removal of dead skin cells can help to prevent corns and bunions, which can be uncomfortable & painful. Through exfoliation, new cell growth is encouraged which promotes smoother, softer and overall more attractive feet.

2. Relaxes Your Body
When was the last time you took 30-45 minutes to just be pampered? Are you still thinking? Then you definitely need a pedicure. Pedicures can be therapeutic and help to relieve stress. We all know too much stress can be detrimental to your health, so do yourself a favor and give yourself a break, get a pedicure.

3. Early Detection Of Issues
Regular pedicures with a licensed cosmetician can help detect issues like corns, bunions & fungal infections early on and before they become too hard to treat.

4. Promotes a Healthier Lifestyle
Cutting, clipping and cleaning your feet on a regular basis, in a sanitary environment can help to prevent bacterial/fungal growth & smelly feet. Enough said.

Diane & Dee, CT Licensed Nail Techs

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Diane & Dee, CT Licensed Nail Techs
At That Look, Dee & Diane are CT Licensed Cosmeticians and are committed to providing all the above benefits in a clean & safe environment.

The Spring and Summer are definitely our busy seasons so be sure to schedule in advance!

We look forward to seeing you soon!